52 Week Project: April Recap

Week 14/52 – Flight

I’m so busy with my university work (only a few weeks to go and I’ll be graduating yey!) that I haven’t had chance to shoot specifically for the 52 week project. However I have been out shooting for my final major project. The project is based on living away from home, having two homes and finding it difficult to adapt to a new social and living environment. This is an outtake image from one of the shoots, that didn’t make the final cut. I thought it fitted the subject of flight perfectly, as I have essentially ‘flown the nest’ and its been hard (and exciting of course!!) to adjust to a different way of life.

Week 15/52 – Imperfections

Imperfect home


This weeks image is also taken from my final major project and the exploration of feeling incomplete about what is classed as ‘home’. Throughout this project I have realised that home, in a sense, is just a word, a word fabricated to make us feel safe and secure. It is a place that we long for when we are away. Home is what you make of it, a place where the little things matter, problems are solved, films are watched, food is eaten, laughter is absorbed, and love is shared. Focusing on these  aspects of where I am living, has certainly made me feel more at home. Transcribe this as you will, but know that the imperfect place, could be the perfect home with the power of your own perspective.


Week 16/52 – Scale 

New Flame

I wanted to play around with the idea of looking up to a light thats bigger than you. A sort of metaphor for admiration of other people. I admire so many people in the industry, and as I have progressed over the past few years with my photography, I have learned to love and appreciate them. There have been times when I have hated others, when they have made me cry with envy. However I have now learnt to love and to admire in a way that I am grateful for their support and their work that drives me to do mine.

 Week 17/52 – Jungle

I’m ready to fly

 I finish university soon and boy am I ready to fly! Bring on the big bad world!

 Week 18/52 – Power

The power of acceptance

Learning to accept has been a real turning point in my life this month, I have learnt to accept and embrace the success of others around me and not doubt my own. What I do with my life is down to me, no-one else, so to accept my own actions first and foremost is a stairway in the right direction from my anxieties.

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