52 Week Project: August Recap

These are, again, some of my favourite images of the year. The amount I have improved since the start is mind blowing. I wouldn’t even leave the house to shoot self portraits at the beginning of the year, and now I’m getting naked in a forest at 5:30 in the morning?! Crazy!

Also I had a really hectic time in August/September so I’m only just catching up on the 52 week project, technically I haven’t completed it properly, but at the begging of this year I told my self that I would complete this by the 31st December 2015. So I’m currently catching up in any possible way that I can, and I’m happy with that!


32/52 – Starstruck

Word of the week: Darkness

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I’ve been thinking a lot recently about all the people who influence and have an effect on my life. Wether that be friends and family, peers on social media, strangers, photographers, artists, actors, actresses, bloggers, celebrities etc etc. It’s crazy how these interactions with other humans can change your own perspectives on how you view and handle certain situations. I believe strongly in surrounding yourself with people who change and challenge your own beliefs. I think its something we all need when we are walking this journey we call life. So to all those stars in my eyes, wether you know it or not, Thank you for being there.

*Especially Jack who helped me with this photo!!


33/52 An autumn lull

Word of the week: Energy

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34/52 Freedom

Word of the week: Freedom

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Nothing says freedom like standing half naked in a forest at 5:30am on a cold September morning.


35/52  Shelter

Word of the week: Shelter

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Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. – Oliver Wendall Holmes, Sr.


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