52 Week Project: May Recap

Week 19/52 – Stimulate

Word of the week: Light


Week 20/52 – Virtual takeover

Word of the week: Busyness

When I took this picture last week for the 52 week project I was so run down and overwhelmed with how much I had to do after I had finished my degree. (Hopefully graduating in July, yey!) It felt like a never ending story, a roundabout of stress with no exit. Going from stressing about completing university work, to the degree show we have to put together, to running my photography business and letting my social life slip away. My phone is the epicentre of my anxieties. I LOVE sitting on Pinterest and organising fun shoots and talking to clients about weddings and all that jazz. But on the other hand I have a terrible habit of checking my emails and social media every 5 minutes! (I’m sure everyone has experienced this at some point!). I then feel trapped in the world of Mr Internet and thats when I feel a lack of control and uncertainty.

Since taking this image last week I’ve felt a huge surge of positivity and I’m feeling extra excited for the future, its so strange how emotions can change so dramatically. I was reluctant to post this today because I didn’t feel that it represented my true emotions, but thats because they have shifted so much in the space of a week. I’ve sat on this image for around 4/5 days now, and the reason I wanted to post it today is because noticing my weaknesses is the first step to taking controlling them and improving myself and well being. Understanding the things that make me anxious is the first step to controlling my productivity. Resulting in a huge drop in procrastination this week!

Ignore my ramblings if you wish, but anyone feel me?


Week 21/52 – Juxtaposition

Being in one place, but feeling another. 


Week 22/52 – Love

I’m admittedly a little behind on my 52 week project, which pains me to say because I was so determined at the beginning of the year to submit them on time each week! I have had some technical issues and ALOT of things to work out, but I am BACK!!

Week 22’s word was ‘Love’, and considering that this weekend coming is the biggest wedding of the year within my family, I thought it would be a perfect time to post!

Love is in the air, do do do do do do do!



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