Merry Christmas! – Epic Table Decoration Inspiration

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas, ate all the food and watched all the films. All done wrapped like a pig in a blanket!

I wanted to share with you all my Mum’s amazing Christmas table creation. My Mum is very well known to go OTT on decorations, parties and occasions, and Christmas is definitely a time when she can really let loose her creativity! This year my parents built a conservatory on the back of their house, just off the kitchen. It’s so light and airy and the lighting is PERFECT for photos. Mum decided to have Christmas lunch in there this year and it was such a good idea. They usually have a sofa in there but decided to replace it with a BIG table for the 12 family members coming for dinner. I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of the table because it looks so so beautiful and I’m always so proud of my mum for being so insane at making things looks so great!



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