Running Barefoot

I’ve been told something recently about myself that focused my attention. I was told that I always tend to runaway from my problems and hard situations, by pretending they don’t exist, or ignoring them entirely. In some cases this is true, but in most cases my interpretation is that I’m seeking a better way. More of a diversion in the road, or a right angled corner, rather than completely about-turning. I see it as a way that suits my happiness, because isn’t seeking happiness what we are all here to do?

Running is something I’m aware I do, I don’t mean in the literal sense. More of a mental wandering, an impatient sprint of emotional thoughts in the mind. I’m all for the go!, not the stop wait, and let it all fall in to place.

This image is inspired by the fact that I like to run. Whether it is running through photo ideas in my mind, running with my emotions, or running barefoot through a forest in a four pound wedding dress from an antiques shop. It’s as simple as that.

(P.S After this shoot I was picking pine needles from my feet for a good hour or two)




  • Clive Maclennan - Love the write up and the pictures but not so sure about the pine needles, ouch.
    I love the second one down with the red rose.ReplyCancel

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