The lost bird

A few weeks ago I was home in the North for the weekend. My Grandad has a conservatory on the back of his house and he mentioned one dark night that a bird had flown into the window that day. He explained how it had left an imprint on the window and said it was the perfect picture material. It had rained that night so I wasn’t hopeful that it would be there the next day. The following day my Grandad called me across to tell me that the imprint was still there. My family and friends will know how excited I get about the smallest things but this was on another level. I was literally gobsmacked at the effect that this imprint had on me. It was incredible. The print looked exactly like a pencil sketch. I couldn’t believe the detail that the bird had left on the glass. It was so beautiful but also such a sad experience because we still don’t know if the bird survived the ordeal. We only have the imprint left to tell the story. However awful it may be, the visible eyelids show a slight peace in the birds face.


  • Robert Cornelius Photography - Wow this is truly incredible!! The detail in this world just astounds me, and how cool that you were able to capture this. Just beautiful. <3ReplyCancel

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