VLOG: Igniting Inspiration

This week I found myself constantly at my laptop doing work, researching and generally getting a bad back in my old office chair (which I will be replacing very soon!). I decided to just take myself away from the computer, as I had been staring at the screen for the past five days in a row. My eyes were officially square, so I went for a rummage through the charity shops in my local town of Tunbridge Wells in Kent. There is quite a few charity/thrift shops in Tunbridge Wells, and I love it when you stumble across a huge GEM of an item, wether it be a piece of clothing, a dress or a prop that I can use in a photoshoot. I found myself in Hospice in the Weald, where they only had one staff member on, and for this reason I managed to bag the whole upstairs to myself trying all the old/second hand wedding dresses on! It was seriously so much fun and I’ve never laughed so much on my own before. It was super refreshing because it allowed me to have freedom in letting my mind wander, and also physically trying on wedding dresses seemed such a strange situation to me. I’m so used to photographing weddings and being an outsider viewing in on a wedding, that sometimes I can’t see myself getting married. I don’t know what it is, and I can’t explain it yet, however I’m still super passionate about wedding photography and capturing those special moments. I get the question and comment all the time ‘I bet you’re wedding will be AMAZING! because you’ve seen so many and you can pick the best bits from them all?!’ but I honestly love photographing weddings that much, that I can’t imagine actually planning one for myself. But hey, we’ll see.

Anyway I have some photoshoots and projects lined up for this year, so I wanted to search for some dresses that I could potentially dye, embellish, alter and jazz up! I didn’t get anything on this trip, but I’m so excited that I managed to find the upstairs of that particular charity shop. All the dresses had so much potential, super cheap and I can definitely see them being featured in my images over the next year or so.

I’ll stop rambling on now guys, so take a look at my little vlog from the inspiration search! Also leave a comment to what inspires you!! 😀


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